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Clay has lived in Texas his whole life and works at Boat Town as a member of the sales team and the pre-owned sales manager. As a native and current resident of Austin, Texas, his knowledge of the local lakes and boating lifestyle are limitless, and his love for the water helps him continue his excitement to grow the family business. He also enjoys hunting, fishing, golfing, and says his dream boat is a “92 Viking or some sort of super yacht”. Come meet Clay and chat boats!

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Cody has grown up with Boat Town and has been on the water for as long as he can remember, and is now the sales manager at the Lake LBJ location. Local to Austin, Texas, and having lived in central Texas his entire life, he can’t image doing anything else. He loves the laid back lifestyle of the lake life, and his dream boat is an old school solid wood Chris Craft (a nice choice!). He also enjoys hunting, golf, and spending time at the family ranch. Come see Cody and get to know him!

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Trevor is a true local to Lake LBJ, having grown up in Marble Falls and living in the Central Texas area for 20 years. When we asked him what made him excited to come work for Boat Town, he answered that he loves working with some of the best people and selling the best brands, and we couldn’t agree more with the truth in that statement! As an avid wake surfer, his dream boat is a Mastercraft X24 where he’d spend the long summer days surfing with all of his family and friends. If you want Trevor on your side- he can’t pass up good tex mex, so bring him some and maybe he’ll cut you a deal!

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Geromi has been in Central Texas for over 30 years, and came to work for Boat Town after discovering the impeccable brands we carried. His favorite thing about lake life is the way he can connect with and spend time on the water with his family, and he absolutely loves being in the hill country of Texas. Outside of boating and lake life, he also loves hunting and cooking BBQ- come say hello to Geromi!

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Dylan is originally from Huntsville, Alabama and moved to the Central Texas region after graduating in 2016 from University of Louisiana at Lafayette. As a salesman, he loves being able to connect with his customers about water sports and lake life. He wakeboards, wake surfs, and waterskis, getting involved with all of the waterspouts at just 3 years old on the Tennessee river. As a three-event waterskier, his dream boat is a 6.2L Mastercraft Prostar, and he also loves to skateboard, play soccer, and watch football with his friends.

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Rusty works at the Boat Town location in Austin, Texas, where he has lived for many years. He loves to get on the water with his wife and son, and is excited to show you why he loves the boats we carry!

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Clark grew up locally here in Marble Falls, and spent many weekends of his childhood at the family lake house on Lake Travis. He's been involved with boating and watersports pretty much since he could walk- starting with kneeboarding and tubing, wakeboarding around eight-years-old, and now- foiling. His passion for the lifestyle is what made him interested in selling boats as a career- he's excited to share that family lifestyle with all of his customers! He now has two daughters, one age two and one just under 6 months old, and his dream boat is a MasterCraft X22 - come get on the water with him!



Morgen works for Boat Town as the Marketing Director, and loves the boating world so much she dabbles in sales as well. Growing up in San Antonio with a family house here on Lake LBJ, and falling in love with wakeboarding and wake surfing (and even skiing, later) while on the wakeboard team at Texas A&M, she's been hooked on the lake life from the beginning. She loves her dog Rixen and all things creative and artistic, and would love to get out on the water with you so come say hello!

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